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    Set just below the ridgeline of the northern Sierra Nevada, the Mohawk Valley provides the visitor with a spectacular setting, and innumerable opportunities for relaxation. Granite mountains of pine trees ring the area. It features the beautiful Feather River, complete with groves of Aspen and Willow, and, of course, pools of lively trout, meandering through its bottomland. Over sixty lakes dot the landscape of its vast national forest. Experience clean, clear, mountain air, and the crisp “whack” of a golf ball among the sounds of native wildlife. The Graeagle area, and the Plumas Pines Golf Resort, provide an idyllic setting for a vacation, golf outing, or business retreat.

    The area is known for its unspoiled forests, the middle fork of the Feather River, thousands of miles of national forest, pristine lakes, and the rugged mountain vistas. The area offers hiking, fishing, camping, and sightseeing. Myriad antique shops may be found in the surrounding towns, and, of course there is the golf. The Graeagle area has joined the list of the top fifty destination golf areas in the United States.



    Communities of Plumas Pines

    The high Sierra peaks, and high mountain meadows, of the BlairsdenGraeagle area are rich in remnants of its early California history. Gold and silver mining created the town ofJohnsville, about five miles above the Plumas Pines Golf Resort. Today many historic buildings and homes can be seen, along with charming “bed and breakfast” lodging, and a well run mining museum.

    The town of Graeagle, originally a logging and lumber town, still displays the “company town” appearance in the uniform architecture that permeates the center of town. Today those buildings are charming shops and businesses that line highway 89. The old “mill pond” is a recreation area, and walks throughout the area will uncover an old stone dairy, and other facilities that date back to the time when the summer meadows were used to ranch beef and dairy herds, and to supply the miners in the foothills. Early tourist business came with the railroad. The classic “Feather River Inn” was a favorite rail destination at the beginning of the twentieth century. Camping, hiking, and fishing brought visitors for over a century.

    In the late 1800’s the earliest ski races in the United States were held above the town ofJohnsville. Mail carriers, who traveled on long, 16′-0 skis, held downhill “longboard” races that are recreated in a series of races today. The “Longboards Bar and Grill” at Plumas Pines Golf Resort was so-named to commemorate this piece of local history. Various artifacts of the period may be found throughout the restaurant, and of course the “stylized”longboards at the entrance reflect the ongoing use of these incredible skis.