All New Membership Opportunities At Plumas Pines Golf Resort

Thanks to your suggestions, recommendations and ideas, membership at Plumas Pines Golf Resort has never been better!

We hope we captured everything you said!

  • You said, “give us an affordable unlimited membership option.”, so we did: ALL NEW!!!  UNLIMITED PLAY MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $2,250 SINGLE AND $3,750 FAMILY, INCLUDING CART.  This new membership option may be a great option for you depending on how much golf you are planning on playing this season or it may be an option that allows you to play a lot more golf than you were planning on playing with no additional cost.  The family membership is valid for a couple and any children under 18 years of age.


  • You said, “give us a walking membership rate.”, so we did: ALL NEW!!!  UNLIMITED PLAY WALKING MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $1,750 SINGLE AND $3,000 FAMILY, or ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS FOR THE SAME GREAT PRICE OF $500 SINGLE OR $750 FAMILY PLUS THE MEMBER WALKING GREEN FEE.  The family membership is valid for a couple and any children under 18 years of age.  If you join a player who has a cart and decide to ride with that player then a cart fee of $20 per person for 18-holes or $15 per person for twilight or 9-holes must be paid in the golf shop.


  • You said, “we like the membership package the way it is, please keep it the same.”, so we did: ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS FOR THE SAME GREAT VALUE AS LAST YEAR AT $500 SINGLE AND $750 FAMILY PLUS THE MEMBER GREEN FEE AND CART FEE (same as last year).  The family membership is valid for a couple and any children under 18 years of age.


  • You said, “give annual members a spring and fall special rate too.”, so we did: FROM OPENING DAY THROUGH MAY 25 AND OCTOBER 1 TO COURSE CLOSE OUR ANNUAL MEMBERS PLAY 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR $45 INCLUDING CART BEFORE 2:00 PM AND $29 INCLUDING CART AFTER 2:00 PM.


  • You said, “give members a discount at Longboards Bar & Grill.”, so we did: UNLIMITED PLAY AND ANNUAL MEMBERS BOTH RECEIVE 10% OFF AT LONGBOARDS FOR UP TO FOUR PEOPLE ALL SEASON LONG.  The four people include the members (for example; a couple who are members can invite two guests to Longboards to total four people and receive 10% off the entire check).  This offer is not valid with any other offers.


  • You said, “give members a member guest rate to encourage them to bring guests.”, so we did: FROM OPENING DAY UNTIL MAY 25 AND OCTOBER 1 TO COURSE CLOSE MEMBERS CAN BRING GUESTS FOR $40 TO WALK AND $55 WITH CART AND FROM MAY 26 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30 FOR $50 TO WALK AND $65 WITH CART WEEKDAY AND $60 TO WALK AND $75 WITH CART WEEKEND.  Member guest rates are valid for up to 3 guests per membership per day and are not valid with league, tournament, or special events.


  • You said, “give members a discount in the golf shop for merchandise.”, so we did: MEMBERS RECEIVE 10% OFF ALL MERCHANDISE THAT IS NOT ALREADY ON SALE ALL SEASON LONG.  The 10% off cannot be added to an already existing sale.

Thank you again for all the great ideas!  We added your ideas to ours from last year (shown below) to make one heck of a value!

  • MEMBER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (you must purchase your membership before March 31, to receive the vouchers!) is a compilation of golf, merchandise, and food and beverage vouchers that have a value of over $400 and can be used all season long. This program is available to all of our members who purchase a membership by March 31Unfortunately all memberships purchased after March 31 will not be eligible for the Member Advantage Program.  For a preview of all the money saving offers in our Member Advantage Program I have enclosed a sample of the vouchers you will receive by becoming a member on or before March 31.  We hope that you are able to take advantage of all the savings and special offers. 


  • NEW MEMBER REFERRAL PROGRAM ($100 OFF!) is an all new opportunity to save on your annual membership as well as a friend’s annual membership. It’s simple, if you refer a person who has never been a member at Plumas Pines then you and that new member each receive $100 off your membership.


  • MEN’S AND LADIES’ DAY GUEST SPECIAL is focused on our Ladies’ day, Tuesday, and our Men’s day, Thursday. An annual member playing in our regular Ladies’ day event on Tuesday or Men’s day event on Thursday may invite one guest to play for a discounted price of $55 including cart.  While a member may bring a guest every Ladies’ or Men’s day, the same guest is only allowed 4 times per season.  We hope this special will help our members’ guests save money while bringing more players out for our Ladies’ and Men’s days.


  • LONGBOARDS BAR & GRILL 20% MEN’S AND LADIES’ DAY SPECIAL is a very special offer. Our Men’s and Ladies’ Club Members who played in our Men’s and Ladies’ club weekly events receive 20% off their food and beverage purchases on Ladies’ or Men’s day only. This special is valid for the entire day, lunch, dinner, or both.  It received rave reviews last season and will be continued this season.  For more information on this special or information on our Men’s and Ladies’ weekly events please give me a call in the golf shop at 530-836-1420 or send me an email at


We want you to know how much we appreciate your input and how important it is that you know that we are listening.  We hope that the membership options and benefits listed above provide an option for all golfers.  We are extremely excited about this season and can’t wait for spring to arrive so we can get started.  If the weather cooperates we are expecting to open the course in the mid to latter part of April.  Bring on the sun!!


Just a reminder, join before March 31, to receive the sheet of vouchers worth over $400!

Choose your membership option below:


  1. Unlimited Play With Cart:                                   ____Single $2,250                  ____Family $3,750
  2. Unlimited Play Walking:                                      ____Single $1,750                  ____Family $3,000
  3. Annual (green fee/cart fee not included):        ____Single $   500                  ____Family $   750




Mailing Address:________________________________________________________


Email Address:__________________________________________________________


Phone Number:__________________________________________________________


Two simple ways to join:

  1. Mail in your application with a check made out to Plumas Pines Golf Resort, P.O. Box 1210, Graeagle, CA
  2. Give me a call at 530-836-1420 and we can process your membership right over the phone with a credit card.

If I can be of service at any time, please do not hesitate to call me at the golf shop at (530) 836-1420 or email me at  Don’t forget to check out our website for all the updated information at



Brandon M. Bowling, PGA
General Manager/Partner
530-836-1420 x 10

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